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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Yes, you can. You have 30 days to return the boots to our nearest warehouse, and you can get another size or a full refund. Our boot fitters are also available for a call or a video conference to help you adjust your new boots.
The refund is paid directly on your credit card. if you used Paypal or a bank transfer, the bank details you provided to NB Newboots SA will be refunded. When your product has reached our warehouse, there are usually 5-10 business days before you will see your refund reflected.
We ship to Switzerland, European Union, and Great Britain. If you are based in the US, please go to For customers from other countries, you can reach find us at
DAHU ski boots are based on the Mondopoint sizing system.To find your correct size, it’s very simple. Measure the maximum length of both your feet in millimeters, take the longest of both, and select the size that is 2-3 millimeters longer. I.e foot length 267 millimeters, take boot size 270-275, foot length 243, take boot size 240-245.
The 01X range is designed for all levels of skiing, with a predilection for very intensive and aggressive use, adapting to different foot morphologies with a medium-width fit. Top skiers will love it for its unprecedented foot support and hold, and the tightening systems are super-efficient and offer a very precise response. The 01X liner sits much closer to the foot and leg shaft, adding a sensation of performance and precision. The 01 range is designed for good to expert skiers, with a slightly narrower fit than the 01C range. The objective is to guarantee a perfect transfer of the forces and important support of the foot. The perfect choice for demanding skiers who want to drive their skis with precision without sacrificing comfort. The Classic range is intended for medium to good-level skiers, comfort is the main objective, and the fit is suitable for medium to wide feet. The flex is adapted for regular practice and for standard body weights.
The M120 offers a medium-stiff forward support with a high elasticity and rebound. It gives back a lot of energy in the last turn phase. Perfect also on uneven terrain thanks to its exceptional shock absorption. The M135 has a very stiff front flex that requires the skier to be very engaged in driving the skis. The forward support and rebound is exceptional while maintaining shock absorption.
The W90 offers medium forward support with great elasticity and cushioning to absorb terrain variations. The tongue's natural rebound will help you return to the right position to start the next turn. Suitable for recreative to intensive practice and low to medium body weight. W110 flex has a stiffer flex forward and a greater rebound, and the shock absorption remains excellent. For demanding skiers, well adapted for intensive to aggressive practice and medium to high body weight.
Yes, once removed from its shell, the Cambium boot will be perfect for leisure activities in the snow, such as snowshoeing, sledding, or simply walking. All your family activities will be simplified and facilitated. And you can enjoy lunch or après-ski without having to wear plastic shells.
GripWalk® heel and toe plates provide unparalleled comfort while walking with the shell. All Dahu ski boots are assembled with GripWalk® heel and toe plates and must only be used with bindings that comply with ISO 9462 standard, alpine bindings with GripWalk® label / ISO 13992 standard, and touring bindings (excluding Pin Tech bindings). Before adjusting your bindings, make sure they are compatible with the GripWalk® standard and that they bear a GripWalk® label. If this is not the case, it is absolutely imperative that you replace the original GripWalk® heel & toe plates of your Dahu ski boots with ISO 5355 standard heel & toe plates. ISO 5355 standard heel & toe plates are available from your Dahu retailer or Dahu representative in your area.
After use, remove the footbeds and dry the inner boots thoroughly. Avoid all direct sources of heat when drying. Remove any possible condensation or water from the shell. Treat your inner boots every five days with a dedicated cleaning and maintenance agent. Use mild soap and water to clean the boots. Choose a maintenance and waterproofing agent adapted to the materials of your boots, and follow instructions carefully. When storing the dahu ski boots for a long period of time, be sure that the boots are dry, buckled up, and stored in a ventilated place that does not receive direct sunlight.
Dahu products from NB NewBoots SA are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for the statutory period from the date of sale to the consumer. This warranty covers only the defective item. The following damage is excluded from the warranty: damage due to transport, storage, improper use, non-observance of the instructions for use, normal wear and tear (in particular for professional uses), changes in the exterior appearance or color of the boot, accidents, poor maintenance or modification of the product. NB NewBoots SA’s sole contractual obligation is to repair or replace defective products with available models and versions. Depending on the country, particular and variable warranties may apply in relation to applicable legislation. This warranty applies only to products sold by an approved Dahu. For all warranty claims, present the defective product and your receipt to your nearest certified Dahu retailer.
DAHU products from NB NewBoots SA carry a limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase. If your Dahu ski boot is found to qualify for the warranty, the respective distributor in the country of purchase will repair or replace (at their option) the ski boots, or any part, at their discretion and found to qualify for the limited warranty. The warranty does not extend to damage resulting from misuse, neglect or abuse, normal wear and tear, accidents, or changes in the exterior appearance or color of the boot. TO THE FULLEST EXTEND ALLOWED BY LAW, NB NEWBOOTS SA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitation may not apply to you. ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND ARE LIMITED TO ONE YEAR FROM THE ORIGINAL DATE OF PURCHASE. This warranty is not transferable or assignable. There are no other warranties expressed or implied.
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